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Typhoon Yolanda – Barangay Costa Brava, San Jose

Typhoon Yolanda aftermath, these photos were taken in Barangay Costa Brava, San Jose, Tacloban City. San Jose is a part of Tacloban City, around 20 minutes drive from downtown. At the edge of the town of San Jose lies Barangay Costa Brava, it is a thin strip of land that are mostly residential areas and some commercial buildings along the way, this leads to the Tacloban DZR airport. On one side, it faces the Sandy, Mernan’s and Mahusay beaches. The opposite side would be the Cancabatoc bay. The eye of the storm must have landed in this place as this is one of the most devastated places I have seen, almost all structures wiped out and there were a lot of casualties reported here. This place is now popularly called as “tent city”.



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Life goes on for most of the people living here, he is chopping some firewood to keep them warm at night.



A smile can always brighten up the spirits nevertheless.



This man was pointing how high was the water when the storm surge came in during that fateful day.


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There were a lot of small boys and girls that roamed around and play.


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_XDV5876_012014 _XDV5904_012014

This statue of Sacred Heart of Jesus was found underneath the rubbles. The sacred heart is now gone as you can notice a hole unto the chest.



The barangay tanod (councilor) here was pointing to where exact the statue of the Sacred Heart was found. He said someone (not from their town) had a dream about this, thus found the statue.



The statues were mostly incomplete, some headless, others were with broken and missing parts.



A small tent to serve as chapel and place of worship was erected nearby.




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_XDV6058_012014 _XDV5990_012014
Joshua lost his mother and a sibling… he is left with his father who suffered a fractured leg during the typhoon. He can feel the emptiness most of the times. He spends his day at school and plays basketball with his cousin and friends to keep himself busy. It is when he is alone and nothing much to do where he feels the sadness most. Life drags on…


Photographer’s note: Nikon D800E, Nikkor AFS 24mm 1.4, Nikkor AFD 85mm 1.4


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