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The Pagpaguitans

This time around I’m gonna feature in this site an exclusive interview of Featured Photographer(s) (note: with an “s”). I’m proud to note that this is the very first interview to be featured in this site. To feature this young dynamic duo who I treat as more than just colleagues in the photography club is “game over”!

“game over” is a copyrighted (?) vocabulary of the Pagpaguitans.


very quick background check…

Roger Gaditano Pagpaguitan better known as “Auggie or Mizmo” in the close circle, a nurse by profession but never practiced injecting on a daily basis. He is currently the VP of Leysamfoto Club, Inc. “Funny” would be an understatement for this dude.

Tricia Ann Veloso Ramirez-Pagpaguitan, the better half, or simply the boss? A.K.A. “Doc Trish” in the club, but I still call her “Tikay”, a Doctor of Medicine, an Anesthesiologist-turned-Photographer. She is currently the Committee Chair for Continuing Education of the Leysamfoto Club, Inc. and sort of a “mother-figure” to most of the misbehaving (joke) LSF members (Auggie not excluded).

The Pagpaguitans are doing full-time wedding and events photography, if you wish to have them be a part of your special day, please email them at pagpaguitanphotography@gmail.com.

Okay, so let’s get things started…
What motivated you to professionally shoot for weddings and events?

Aug: I say, i grew up with it. My father shoot the local events in our town for a living & i was the clueless assistant. The inclination was there to start with, but growing up priorities had it set aside for the meantime. With the advent of the digital age, i regained access to the gears & with the gears, i reconnected to my roots, found the heat & lived up to shoot. Wedding? Other than spending part of my childhood assisting my dad shoot weddings in our town, it was a practical arena since you get sure market & the demand is there.

Tik: I hate to admit it but Auggie (and his camera) opened my doors to photography. I was an eager assistant to what he was doing other than it was something different from my nerve-cracking daily Operating room battle. It has opened my creative horizons as well and brought my to do things i thought was far out. It was a different kind of fulfillment. In the practical side, i truly had to support Auggie in this venture being more business- oriented. I manage the business side of the venture, and the challenge keeps me going & going.
Your most memorable photo coverage so far to-date?

Aug: All our Canon gears broke down in one big wedding way back 2010 and we borrowed NIKON gears! We even had to find the power on button! toinks! whew! (Dave: Auggie, it’s easier than you think! evil laugh!)

Tik: We crossed the rough seas of the pacific ocean (or whatever vast ocean) for an agonizing 40 min in Southern Leyte to get to an island for a destination shoot. We were in a tinny winny, clacking motorized banca that would fit 4 people only. When we reached the island, we shot for 2 hours and hurried back now in a 3-seater manual banca with waves starting to splash in. It was the craziest and scariest ride of my life and that was all for the love of PHOTOGRAPHY!
What pros and cons you encountered in a husband and wife tandem?

Aug: We share strengths, and fill in each others weaknesses! (cheesy) But, its always exciting to see the blend of the masculine and the feminine thought in your output. Tricia always puts the softness to a rough composition. (EEERRRK), Plus, she handles the money matters which i am very poor with! The downside is i always give in should we get into an argument otherwise i’ll sleep outside the room!

Tik: Behind every man’s success is a nagging woman. hahaha. But kidding aside, i am the brain, he is the muscle and that makes an almost perfect tandem. Downside? No downside for me, I’m the Boss! (evil laugh!)
Who gets to work more? (LOL)

Aug: I am the muscle, meaning the work slave. hahaha.

Tik: The mind works double time, plus I get to do some muscle work too! a whole lot of it!
Does your affiliation with a photo club affect your photographic career in a way either positively or negatively?

Aug: The club has been a great help in the growth of my career. It has always made me & my career as a photographer important in terms of how we contribute to our society in general. The club has opened endless networks too, from friends, to business associates, to suppliers, to clientele and it has helped a whole lot in my personal growth as a professional photographer as well. Negative: I have gained weight from all the manangs moments and boodle fests!

Tik: In my side, the club has opened massive learning opportunities! Being in close affiliations with the big names in the practice of professional photography here in our country, it seems like all the learning & growth opportunities are within you reach.  Also, its always a good thing to have mentors in the club who could help you through basic and technical problems. (you are one of them!)
I’ve heard you will be the incoming president of the club, what will you be your vision and direction for the club?

Aug: Vision: pursue the vision the club has been working for: Promotion of Eastern Visayas tourism through people, places and events, active involvement in worthwhile socio-civic activities, and other activities of good causes, and promote accessible continuous learning / education .
What will be your first major project when you sit as the president of the Club?

Aug: Although still on its rough planning, i hope to direct LSF, Inc. to be the first institution for learning in the region.
Tikay, what will be your role when Auggie is the president of the Club? That does make you the First Lady?

Tik: Will be the eager supporting cast.  All for the good of the club. (Dave: I have a bad feeling you will soon be named as “First Lady”, evil laugh part 2!)
Is there any particular shot, you’ve been longing for to take?

Aug: Trash the dress shoot with a bride burning her gown! all for the thrill of it!

Tik: A wedding of another culture in another country. Change is always thrilling and challenging. And the experience will be astounding!
What is in your bag?

Aug: Canon 5D MII, with Canon 24-70 mm f/2.8 L lens, USM, 580 ex flash, manual control, pocketwizard trigger setup / Canon 7D, with Canon 70-200 mm f/2.8 L Lens, USM / Canon 50D, with Canon 60 mm f/2.8 macro lens2.
Do you have a favorite lens? Why is it your favorite?

Aug: the 24-70 mm f/2.8. I love the range it gives and the coverage i could get which works best in the events business i am in.

Tik: I am the opposite, since i am the candid moments catcher, i play well with the 70-200 mm in events. It also gives me great outputs in the studio during my portraiture sessions.
What is the next equipment you plan to get?

Aug: Canon 1dx!!!!!!! and an 85mm f/ 1.2 lens!!!!!

Tik: HELL YEAH!!!!
Who gets to decide what to buy?

Aug: I lay the cards….

Tik: I deliberate, and decide!! woohhooo! Kidding aside, two heads are better than one. Decision making is team effort and usually according to priority.
What advice can you give to aspiring photographers especially those who will be into events and wedding photography?

Aug: Live for the passion. At most times, you are in it because you just hopped in the bandwagon. You will not last long with the craft. Be yourself & find your style.  There are a lot of copycats lurking in the business and it definitely is a no good attitude. Lastly, strive to learn more! Never feel like you are a master because it closes your mind to better learning opportunities.

Tik: Live in the learn & share cycle and you will grow more. Respect yourself and your work as you respect the works of others. It will be sent back a hundred folds to you. In the business side, do not forget that every event is a crowd investment. Before you act, think of the future clients you would be gaining. Business may be money but its not all that.

© Pagpaguitan Photography

© Pagpaguitan Photography

© Pagpaguitan Photography


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