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Sunset over Biliran 2

Sunset over Biliran 2 Beautiful islands! I think I need to go back there again for another shoot…   Photographer’s note: Nikon D750, Nikkor AFS 17-35mm 2.8, Manfrotto 055XPROB tripodView full post »

Sunset over Biliran 1

Sunset over Biliran 1   Photographer’s note: Nikon D750, Nikkor AFS 17-35mm 2.8, Manfrotto 055XPROB tripodView full post »

Monochrom Adventures 1

Monochrom Adventures 1 I’m running out of words and titles… but I think what is important are the photos. I’ll let them speak (if they can LOL!). I caught this sunset shot at the Rafael’s Farm in Babatngon,View full post »

Landscape with a Telephoto

Sometimes, landscape with a telephoto lens can get the job done. We always equate wide angle lenses to landscape photography, while it is the more appropriate lens to use, sometimes a telephoto lens can be effective. It can create anView full post »

The Marabut Sunset

The Marabut sunset is one of the best reason to spend your afternoon in this place. You just can feel the coziness of the cool wind and colorful skies that will slowly melt down through the night. A must-try experience when you areView full post »

Sunset in Tacloban

Let’s not forget the sunset in Tacloban could be very tranquil at times… perfect for those times to be on your own, and reflect on life.   Sunset in Tacloban Photographer’s note: F/8, 1/800, ISO 400, Nikon D3, Nikkor AFSView full post »

Sunset in Sabin, Ormoc

A sunset in Sabin, Ormoc. The mountain backlit by the sun setting over the clouds while three boys find their way home. This is an old shot taken by a Nikon D200, I just came across this while I was digging my messy archivesView full post »

The Golden Hour

Photographers sleep at noon. And so the saying goes. The best light comes from early in the dawn up to sunrise, and sunset onwards to twilight before the dark night. Why? because the light is soft, it’s not harsh. It does not createView full post »

Sunset in Caluwayan, Marabut

When the time and place is right, everything falls into place. The colors and hues just pop out vibrantly… look at the water reflecting the sky hues, the sky in harmony with the sea and the famous rock formations silhouette againstView full post »

Painter of the sky

There must be a painter that paints the skies. An invisible hand to carefully stitch all of these elements together. I’m just a human being that captures it through photography, nothing magical. But what happens above, is beyondView full post »

San Juanico Bridge

If you happen to be in the Philippines, go somewhere south of Manila, in the Visayas, to the islands of Leyte & Samar, hop on a 1-hour plane flight from Manila to Tacloban City, capital of Leyte, and you’ll get to see theView full post »

The First Light

Want to take better photos? Wake up early and shoot the sunrise… or late in the afternoon for the sunset. Why? because the light is not harsh. The noontime light can be unforgiving. It’s said that photographers sleep during theView full post »

Why bring a cam everyday?

Why? 1. Because today might have some unexpected shooting opportunities. 2. Because today might be a special day waiting to be documented. 3. Because today the glorious sunset may suddenly glow and will slowly go downhill at the far westView full post »

Photography is forever?

In a way, it is. Sort of, I guess… (unless there is a time machine of some sort). It is a medium that captures a certain moment, that nano of a millisecond that is bound not to happen again in exact the same way in our lifetime. ThisView full post »