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A Slice of Life in Manila

A slice of life in Manila… the energy of life in the capital is like clockwork, there is that spontaneity of movement and chaotic chorus of urban life. I love to shoot in places like this. There is that constant kinetics that makesView full post »

Inktrada 3

Sharing some photos of Inktrada 3: Black & Gray – held on June 22, 2013 in Tacloban City. A tattoo artists’ competition of local grown talents. The competition featured renowned tattoist Ricky Sta. Ana as the judge. Being aView full post »

Creative Lighting with Nikon Speedlights

The power of creative lighting with Nikon Speedlights like the SB-800 in tandem with Pocketwizard Flex wireless triggers is on the portability of the lights especially when on an outdoor location shoot. I wouldn’t want to cart alongView full post »

Featured Photo: A Portrait in Santa Fe

Featured Photo: A Portrait in Santa Fe One of my favorite shots recently. I love to shoot portraits that are unprepared and unscripted – the ones that has no reflectors, no diffusers, no fancy lights – just me, the subject(s)View full post »

High Speed Sync

High speed sync is basically triggering your flashes at more than the FP (focal plane) sync limit. The usual FP sync limit like my Nikon is at 1/250 shutter speed.  One of the benefits of engaging high speed sync is one can achieve shallowView full post »

Profile Lighting

Profile lighting was one of the lighting techniques demonstrated during the Leysamfoto Creative Portraits workshop. Profile lighting is one of my personal favorite lighting setup – very simple lighting actually but can be tricky.View full post »

Leysamfoto Creative Portraits

Leysamfoto Creative Portraits workshop held last November 17, 2012 at the Oriental Leyte Hotel was definitely a memorable one for me. Actually, an extra memorable one, if there is such a thing hehe… I was so privileged and honored toView full post »

The Magic of the 200mm

The Magic of the 200mm. I’ll just share one of my favorite portraits, no flash, no reflectors, just straight on taken by one of the best portrait lenses out there, if not the best! I just miss shooting with this lens.   Laura,View full post »

Pintados Kasadyaan Festival Portraits

I’ll share some Pintados Kasadyaan festival portraits. I used only 2 lenses for the entire Pintados and Sangyaw festival shoots. I think they were up to the job. I like to work with prime lenses, it makes you more careful ofView full post »

Street Portraits

I love to shoot street portraits! (Don’t I just love a lot of things related to photography? LOL!) Again, I like the spontaneity of the moment, without reflectors, without studio lights, without careful planning, without control!View full post »

Telephoto Portrait

Using a telephoto for portrait is not a common practice… The telephoto loses the connection and rapport between the photographer and the subject. But, but… sometimes breaking the rules is effective. A telephoto can compress theView full post »

Leica M Monochrom

Just recently announced. A surprise to many, but not to some, especially those folks who have been shooting with the Leica. As what I have blogged in the recent past >> Black and White, it has become a reality! As the name suggests,View full post »

Improving Skin Tones on the Panasonic G3

I have been a Panasonic GF1 user when I started to use the Micro 4/3 system a couple of years ago. The GF1’s default raw files needed some tweaking to get pleasing results. It had the strong magenta cast (sorry I’m notView full post »

Capturing Emotions

Just like in any portrait, candid or street photography, capturing emotions in the photos is more important than simply lighting and posing the subject technically well. If you combine a technically well-taken photo with the rightView full post »

Unique Story

When I’m shooting for wedding portraits, I try to look for something unique that will set the portrait apart from the ordinary. Something that is distinct to the character and personality of the subjects. There are probably 101 waysView full post »


Stubborn as I am! Through the years I preferred to shoot my subjects with just my little flashes. Call me a die-hard strobist or whatever… but even my most critical portraits that I have done are all lit by just these. But wait,View full post »


I love doing silhouettes, sometimes it tells more than the usual well-lit portrait. This was a photoshoot I have done for a local home-grown talent and music artist. Though I have taken a lot of the usual portraits in this photoshoot, itView full post »

Portrait of an Old Woman

Just want to share one of my favorite street portraits, no flashes, no reflectors, harsh-noon light, a few seconds to capture her smile. Old Woman, Basey, Samar Photographer’s note: F/4, 1/500, ISO 450, Nikon D3, Nikkor AFS 70-200mmView full post »

Pet Photography

Want to push yourself more? Oh, it’s harder than I thought. Pet photography is just more challenging to do than the usual human portrait. This has also further tested my patience, a virtue that a good photographer must possess whichView full post »

Travel Photography

When I’m preparing for travel, I spend more time coming up with a camera+lens combo that I will bring for the whole duration of the trip. Mind you, this takes more time than I would pack for my clothes and other stuffs. So far IView full post »

My favorite focal length?

Dave picks his favorite focal lengths (full frame 35mm equivalent). This is meant to be a guide, everyone has their own preferences and comfort zone. For everyday = 40mm (or 35mm or 50mm) – I think i can survive shooting whole dayView full post »

San Juanico Bridge Revisited

It’s a nice peaceful feeling being able to go back to a place that you like to shoot. And I must dare say I can shoot the San Juanico Bridge again and again… I feel it’s never enough. A handful of days ago I blogged aboutView full post »

Environmental Portrait

I take this as one of the more challenging aspects in portrait photography (at least for me). Admittedly I’m a stubborn photographer when it comes to portraiture, not that I don’t take it seriously because I really do put myView full post »

The Pagpaguitans

This time around I’m gonna feature in this site an exclusive interview of Featured Photographer(s) (note: with an “s”). I’m proud to note that this is the very first interview to be featured in this site. To featureView full post »