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Featured Photo: Clown

Featured Photo: Clown Clown Photographer’s note: F/2.8, 1/1250, ISO 200, Panasonic G3, Olympus 45mm 1.8 Feel free to interact with my blog articles, either by adding a comment below this article, or drop me an email. Thanks for reading!View full post »

Beyond Rule of Thirds

Beyond Rule of Thirds Rule of thirds probably is one of the most used and important techniques in composition. Ironically it tends to become a cliché if used left and right without minding the other elements in a shot. Remember (a reminderView full post »

Batu Caves, Malaysia

Batu Caves, Malaysia – featuring 272-steps to climb up to the cave, 13 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur. A gigantic statue of Lord Murugan hovers in front of the cave. One of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India, it isView full post »

San Antonio de Padua Church in Sulangan, Samar 2

San Antonio de Padua Church in Sulangan, Samar is a pilgrim site. It has thousands of devotees to its patron saint – “San Antonio de Padua”, who has probably performed a lot of miraculous intercessions that made thisView full post »

San Antonio de Padua Church in Sulangan, Samar

I got the opportunity to go back recently to hear mass at the San Antonio de Padua Church in Sulangan, Samar. I brought along my 2 Micro 4/3s camera – it is indeed unobtrusive compared to a DSLR – I actually got more keepersView full post »

Panasonic GX1

Well I’m here sharing my thoughts on the Panasonic GX1. Why just now? Yes it took me a while to get this. This was a natural path upgrade from the coveted Panasonic GF1, my first Micro 4/3s camera. My upgrade was halted a bit becauseView full post »

Film or Digital?

One of the aging questions is – Film or Digital? I’m not here to go into the technical advantages and disadvantages of either, but I will just say my piece… There’s no absolute way to go, even if digital has maturedView full post »

Lumen’s Pastillas in Carigara

You want the best pastillas? Answer: Lumen’s Pastillas in Carigara. “Mana Lumen” is what I used to address the owner, is one of the traditional pastillas makers in Carigara that offers honest-to-goodness goodness, usingView full post »

Rendering Bokeh with Micro Four Thirds

Rendering Bokeh with Micro Four Thirds? Most probably, if you are/were looking for your first mirrorless camera, you might have considered this factor: the ability to render beautiful and creamy bokeh. Though there are many factors thatView full post »

Micro Four Thirds is stealth

What do I mean by Micro Four Thirds is stealth? I’ll share a little experience from shooting the Sangyaw Carnival at the Tacloban Astrodome. I went there two times, the first one I brought along my Nikon D800E with Nikkor AFS 24mmView full post »

Can the Micro Four Thirds shoot action?

That’s got to be one of the more interesting feature that the Micro Four Thirds camera has to address. I’ll chime in my thoughts… Apparently this is where the Micro 4/3s still lags behind up to these times, but this isView full post »


Hi. I’m sharing to you one of my recent favorite photo. While nothing special about it, I love how the light from the pagoda traverses down to the lake. Hope you like it as I do.   Photographer’s note: F/8, 15 sec, ISO 160,View full post »

Tacloban City, View from Calvary Hill

This was a quick shot during the Holy Week, while we were on the Stations of the Cross of the Calvary Hill. Nothing special hehe. Here you can see the Sto. Niño Church and the Cancabatoc Bay from afar. And my load was lighter, previousView full post »

Lens or Body?

An unending dilemma on which way to upgrade – lens or body? I’ll give in my .02 cents. For me, it must be a balance between the two. A good body + a good lens and you are set to go. I would almost most likely choose to go forView full post »

Bare Essentials

Talking about the things I need (/ought / want) to bring everyday… 1. Mobile phone – It’s my mobile office, I can’t work (/move) without this. I’m using a full-QWERTY styled phone for almost ten years now IView full post »


The first question I would most popularly face from someone asking about digital cameras is “How many megapixels?…”. For some of us who have been into photography, we all know it’s certainly more than justView full post »

Saint Pio of Pietrelcina Relics

Relics of St. Pio of Pietrelcina was spotted to be in town yesterday (Sacred Heart Parish, Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines). It was a glove that Padre Pio wore everyday to cover his stigmata. “Stigmata (singular stigma) are bodilyView full post »

Micro 4/3 Trinity

Here’s the trinity for my Micro 4/3 rig: Panasonic G3 Panasonic 7-14mm 4 Panasonic 20mm 1.7 Olympus 45mm 1.8 Anything to add? We’ll see… As of the moment, it gets all the job done for me, especially for travelView full post »

Capturing Emotions

Just like in any portrait, candid or street photography, capturing emotions in the photos is more important than simply lighting and posing the subject technically well. If you combine a technically well-taken photo with the rightView full post »


Stubborn as I am! Through the years I preferred to shoot my subjects with just my little flashes. Call me a die-hard strobist or whatever… but even my most critical portraits that I have done are all lit by just these. But wait,View full post »

How small is Micro Four Thirds?

A quick non-scientific comparison. Just to give you an idea on the size comparison of a Micro 4/3 camera relative to a full-frame camera. Nikon D700 + Nikkor AFD 85mm 1.4 Panasonic G3 + Olympus 45mm 1.8 (90mm equivalent) Nikon D700 vs.View full post »

Pet Photography

Want to push yourself more? Oh, it’s harder than I thought. Pet photography is just more challenging to do than the usual human portrait. This has also further tested my patience, a virtue that a good photographer must possess whichView full post »

Red-Eared Slider

Red-eared sliders get their name from the distinctive red patch of skin around their ears. The “slider” part of their name comes from their ability to slide off rocks and logs and into the water quickly. Red-eared sliders areView full post »

Tacloban Astrodome

The Tacloban City Convention Center, better known as “Tacloban Astrodome” is an icon that symbolizes the highly urbanized state of the city.   Tacloban Astrodome (Tacloban City Convention Center) Photographer’s note:View full post »