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Landscape with a Telephoto

Sometimes, landscape with a telephoto lens can get the job done. We always equate wide angle lenses to landscape photography, while it is the more appropriate lens to use, sometimes a telephoto lens can be effective. It can create anView full post »

The Magic of the 200mm

The Magic of the 200mm. I’ll just share one of my favorite portraits, no flash, no reflectors, just straight on taken by one of the best portrait lenses out there, if not the best! I just miss shooting with this lens.   Laura,View full post »

Essential Companions for the Lens

What are my essential companions for the lens? 1. Rocket Blower – Giottos or Hurricane – this is the very first thing I do when cleaning the lens before even wiping the dusts off, this will blow away the dusts or particles thatView full post »

Tacloban City International Jetski Competition 3

This would be my last of my post for the Tacloban City International Jetski Competition. I couldn’t let it go without posting this last set hehe. I had a blast shooting the event, although I had to cut short to go to the opening ofView full post »

Tacloban City International Jetski Competition 2

I’m sharing more shots from the Tacloban City International Jetski Competition. One thing I have to note is even at these high shutter speeds, sometimes they are not enough to freeze the motion, so be mindful of the shutter speedsView full post »

Every Lens for every job

Every lens for every job? Sounds so nikon Dave! Yuck. Well, over the years I have accumulated a very few array of lenses. That frustrated photographer sometimes gets me. But actually the real reason is I’m a part gadget freak, partView full post »

What is the best light?

What is the best light? Easy – for me, it’s available light. I don’t really care if I have control over the light or not. Most photographers would like to control the light, I like it too. But I like it more when IView full post »

Street Portraits

I love to shoot street portraits! (Don’t I just love a lot of things related to photography? LOL!) Again, I like the spontaneity of the moment, without reflectors, without studio lights, without careful planning, without control!View full post »


It has been a popular water sports in the Philippines, and Tanauan has been a host of the National Skimboarding Competitions for a number of years now. Tanauan is around 30 minutes by land from the city of Tacloban, I am looking forward toView full post »

Fishermen in Tanauan

“The early bird catches the worm.” Fishermen in Tanauan work before the sun rises hoping to have a good catch. I was still yawning when I took this shot LOL! 🙂   Fishermen in Tanauan Photographer’s note: F/5.6, 1/5000, ISOView full post »


“Sabong” (cockfighting) is one of the favorite pastimes of the Filipino. It usually involves high stakes of money. I want to shoot an actual “sabong” in the “gallera” (arena/cockpit)… someday. ItView full post »

Telephoto Portrait

Using a telephoto for portrait is not a common practice… The telephoto loses the connection and rapport between the photographer and the subject. But, but… sometimes breaking the rules is effective. A telephoto can compress theView full post »

Negative Space

Sometimes we tend to overdo a photo with much information that clutter the message and essence of the photo. Putting negative space can sometimes be effective. Rather than putting the essential elements all in one – foreground andView full post »


A lotus flower in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I had to shoot this across the pond, and it was a good thing I brought along a teleconverter, the Nikkor TC-17E II, it gives an additional reach of 1.7x. Teleconverters are mounted in betweenView full post »

Tacloban Astrodome

The Tacloban City Convention Center, better known as “Tacloban Astrodome” is an icon that symbolizes the highly urbanized state of the city.   Tacloban Astrodome (Tacloban City Convention Center) Photographer’s note:View full post »

sharpness and blur

Sometimes all you need in life (/photography) is just a thin slice of dedication (/sharpness) and a whole lotta lovin’ (/blur)! wahahaha! Crazy Dave.  Here’s to a great weekend ahead, cheers!   Bokeh Photographer’sView full post »

Dark of the Sun

Sometimes a new dawn begins… Dark of the Sun Photographer’s note: F/10, 1/400, ISO 200, Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 200mm 2 VR Feel free to interact with my blog articles, either by adding a comment below this article, or drop meView full post »

Macarthur Park

The iconic Macarthur Park in Palo, Leyte, Philippines. A must-see tourist spot, immortalizing the famous “I shall return” of General Douglas Macarthur in WWII. Here are some new photos, I always wanted to shoot this a littleView full post »