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Photography is forever?

In a way, it is. Sort of, I guess… (unless there is a time machine of some sort).

It is a medium that captures a certain moment, that nano of a millisecond that is bound not to happen again in exact the same way in our lifetime. This was the very inspiration that brought me deep into photography. Of course, there are other ways of recording and capturing certain moments in our life,  but nothing ever comes closer to my heart than photography. The nostalgia, believe me, it’s different.

Mind you, you don’t even have to be good in photography to make it forever! A photo gains value over time… take for example, your kindergarten photo, how precious is it now? Priceless! And chances are those were just mere snapshots… and probably some will not even be sharp, lacks good composition, etc… But the true value of photography is it’s unique ability to record it, seal it, lock it and freeze it… and for us to come back some other time, and cherish them.

When I had my first DSLR (Nikon D70) years back, I was able to capture this beautiful sunset in Marabut, Samar (Philippines). The colors were just amazing, it came in different hues that painted the sky and reflected it back to the sea. Years gone by, and I have been back to Marabut probably a handful of times that I lost count… and at the back of my mind, I was longing to replicate another shot of this, though not in a sense “duplicate” it, but in a way similar. But to no avail, I haven’t able to do so. It’s not that Marabut doesn’t have beautiful sunsets anymore, it still really does especially in the summer. It’s still a wonderful place, and will always be a photographer’s haven. Checking back on this exact same spot, I found out that the cottage and the rocks that were in place were already subjected to mother nature’s wear and tear. And i can dare say that it’s close to impossible to replicate a shot like this anymore, don’t you think? And this has been one of my favorite photos, taken with a 6.1 megapixel camera, 18-70mm 3.5-4.5 kit lens and a wobbly small video tripod. Whenever I look back at this photo, it brings me that nostalgic feel and longing — to be there in the same spot again…  That moment has past, it’s never coming back again. The closest thing you can get is through photography. And it’s more fulfilling if you are the person behind the lens. And here is where my inspiration is. I, a photographer, have the power to freeze a moment… the moment it clicks, is it forever?

Sunset in Marabut (Marabut, Samar)

Photographer’s note: No embedded EXIF data, Nikon D70, Nikkor AFS 18-70mm 3.5-4.5, generic tripod

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