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Balyuan Amphitheater

The word “Balyuan” in the local Waray dialect means “a place or market for exchange or trade” and has religious and historical importance to the city of Tacloban. This is place where the sacred image of the childView full post »

When I grow up

Someday, I will like to be a  ___________. Someday Photographer’s note: F/4, 1/200, ISO 450, Nikon D3, Nikkor AFS 70-200 2.8 VRII Feel free to interact with my blog articles, either by adding a comment below this article, or drop meView full post »

Aperture Man

 Aperture Man Sorry guys, can’t think of a better title for this photo… all I see is aperture and shutter speed? Grrr… I can see an 8 bladed diaphragm, I also see an opening of F/2.5, and there is also an imageView full post »

Goodbye GF

Just said goodbye to my trusty old Panasonic Lumix GF1. (Dave, you call your camera a GF? c’mon…) I feel the drain (drama!) upon the loss of this worthy equipment, but there’s a time for everything I guess. It’sView full post »

Something to believe in

Sometimes we look for some divine intervention to what the earthly ruins have done to our lives. Sometimes we ask why things happen for without rhyme or reason. Sometimes we ask if there is really a God. Sometimes we look forView full post »

The Pagpaguitans

This time around I’m gonna feature in this site an exclusive interview of Featured Photographer(s) (note: with an “s”). I’m proud to note that this is the very first interview to be featured in this site. To featureView full post »

Hacksaw a lens?

Literally, yes. (Nah, just the hood…) A bit nuts huh? Not just a bit I guess LOL. But yes, I’ve literally had my Nikkor AF 10.5mm 2.8 fisheye lens hacksawed. Fisheye Hacksaw by Mike TM, Photo courtesy of Mike TM (ThanksView full post »

Teach me how to build

I have been a victim myself, building my own kit… I had my shares of ups and downs, and the heavy costs involved I don’t want to remember, LOL! It looks like a never-ending maze when one becomes so attached to this hobby. NoView full post »

The First Light

Want to take better photos? Wake up early and shoot the sunrise… or late in the afternoon for the sunset. Why? because the light is not harsh. The noontime light can be unforgiving. It’s said that photographers sleep during theView full post »

Why bring a cam everyday?

Why? 1. Because today might have some unexpected shooting opportunities. 2. Because today might be a special day waiting to be documented. 3. Because today the glorious sunset may suddenly glow and will slowly go downhill at the far westView full post »

At the edge of the world

At the edge of the world (Bryan & Noemi) Photographer’s note: F/5.6, 1/80, ISO 400, Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 14-24mm 2.8, SB-800, Pocketwizard Plus II Feel free to interact with my blog articles, either by adding a comment belowView full post »

Canon or Nikon?

Canon or Nikon? Photographer’s note: F/22, 21 sec, Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 14-24mm 2.8, Benro C-298 tripod   Up to this very day, I’m still plagued by this question… This is the question a lot of photographyView full post »

Colors of A

The pioneering photo club of Leyte and Samar, the Leysamfoto Club, Inc. partnered with Autism Society of the Philippines, Tacloban Chapter to the photo exhibit of “Colors of A Spectrum”. This will feature the children’sView full post »


Having carried DSLRs for years that somehow weighed me down at times, made me really scout for a compact camera that can still deliver DSLR-like quality for the ordinary days that I wish to bring one. It really took me a while finding one.View full post »

Breaking the rules

There is said to be rules in photography, better put – they aren’t really rules, but sort of guidelines to take better photos. They are there to guide us on how to compose, how to tell a story, how to draw the eyes, how to takeView full post »

Photography is forever?

In a way, it is. Sort of, I guess… (unless there is a time machine of some sort). It is a medium that captures a certain moment, that nano of a millisecond that is bound not to happen again in exact the same way in our lifetime. ThisView full post »

World in my eyes

Hey guys… here it is finally: my personal blog site. I’ve been longing to this for quite a while now (=years!), but haven’t really have the #1. time and/or #2. guts to do so. I think I just have so many thoughts in myView full post »