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Nikon Trinity

There is a so-called trinity of lenses… a trio of lenses that seems to be the ultimate for photographers. While there’s no written official pronouncement on what is the trinity, there could be a myriad of combinations. I currently have the Nikkor AFS 24mm 1.4 which is said to be one of the trinity. I also got the old Nikkor AFD 85mm 1.4, though there have been a new version of this which probably takes rightful claim to be part of the trinity, the Nikkor AFS 85mm 1.4. But so far my war-torn 85mm is still one of my favorite lenses for many years now. So, I got 2, what then is the missing lens? Well, it could be the Nikkor AFS 35mm 1.4, that I’m willing to resist for the longest time hahaha. I kinda miss the 35mm focal length, I previously owned one and I loved it, it was the Nikkor AFD 35mm 2. I had to let it go together with the Nikon D90.

Here’s my quick take on the trinity:

24 1.4 + 35 1.4 + 85 1.4

or for a more affordable setup…

28 1.8 + 50 1.8 + 85 1.8

Before you jump on board for anything, be sure to check what focal lengths are most useful to you and what you are most comfortable with… it’s very subjective and dependent to individual preference. Also, don’t quickly jump to the most expensive lens or the 1.4’s, mind you, in Nikon, the AFS 50mm 1.8G is regarded to be better than the AFS 50mm 1.4G!

Good luck! (to me as well, LOL!)


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Photographer’s note: F/4, 1/100, ISO 500, Nikon D700, Nikkor AFD 35mm 2

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