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To filter or not…

The debate on whether “to put a UV protective filter in front of your lens or not”  has been beaten to death in the internet forums.

Well, it really depends on you. I will put my .02 cents in here…

1. I try to put a UV filter whenever possible to all of my lenses.

2. They are not there to improve the performance of the lens, nor they are there to degrade it.

3. I haven’t have any strong evidence that will convince me that putting a UV filter in front of your lens will degrade image quality.

4. I have ran into a couple of instances where my UV filter (and the hood) have helped save the lens from major damage.

5. If you live in a tropical dusty climate, better put one too.

6. The only time I remove my UV filter is when there is flare and ghosting in the photo while shooting against the sun or light.

7. I try to replace my UV filter when it gets beaten up with visible scratches.

8. It’s easier (and safer!) to clean a UV filter than the front element of the lens.

and for Dave only…  >> 9. For a person that is hyper, reckless and careless – it’s no-brainer.


Photographer’s note: F/5.6, 1/250, ISO 160, Panasonic G3, Olympus 45mm 1.8

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  • tinmari - same here, careless. UV is a must!
    P.S. like the like button!ReplyCancel

  • trek - Guilty of not using a UV filter 🙂
    I had a problem with the flare and I don’t know that flare is what they called “annoying extra light from the images” and you my friend help me with the problem.lazy me don’t like putting it on and off again..
    Now my lens don’t have filter for a yr..ehehe!
    But I’m not encouraging them no to use one..
    Prevention is Better than crying.. lol.ReplyCancel

  • Dave - @Tin – You told me to put a “like” button. It took me a little while to figure how to do it hehe.

    @Trek – I think you’ll be just fine without a filter, just use the lens hood.ReplyCancel

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