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Featured Photo: This way

Featured Photo: This way

This way

This way

Photographer’s note: F/5.6, 1/320, ISO 100, Nikon D800E, Nikkor AFS 24mm 1.4

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  • christian - Hi sir dave how is this different from the 35mm1.4? I red a lot of reviews about the distortion of the lens.ReplyCancel

  • xdayv - Christian, the distortion at 24mm is quite strong compared to the 35mm, so I pay more attention in composition if I want to avoid it (can’t totally avoid it though). Whereas the 35mm, it’s a more versatile lens and distortion is still well-controlled in most situation.

    I don’t have the 35 1.4, but I used to have a 35 2 – the focal length is favored for street photography, and can be used all day with this lens only. Having said that, the 24 is more of a specialty lens, a different way to handle, far becoming one of my favorite because of its unique ability to render.

    What’s on your mind?ReplyCancel

  • Christian - Im planning to buy the 351.4. I guess it would be a nice carry on lens together with my 50mm whenever I travel. I have the 24-70 but its way too heavy on my part.ReplyCancel

  • christian - BTW dave love the new look of your blog.ReplyCancel

  • xdayv - Glad you like the new look…

    The 35 will be perfect for your family trips and street photography. It is more of a one-lens solution, I think I can shoot all day with a 35. A lot of photographers have 35 and 50 in their bags, they are just so versatile.

    Oh one more thing, I like it a bit more extreme hehe so I got the 24 + 85 combo. Here are some more of my thoughts:




    I’m looking forward to what you will end up getting!ReplyCancel

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