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Bare Essentials

Talking about the things I need (/ought / want) to bring everyday…

1. Mobile phone – It’s my mobile office, I can’t work (/move) without this. I’m using a full-QWERTY styled phone for almost ten years now I think. Though I’m an avid fan (avid is an understatement BTW) of Apple products, I used an Iphone 4 last year as a 2nd phone, and it’s amazing product BTW, but nothing ever comes close to a full-QWERTY phone, well at least for me. I like to get my thoughts typed and done as quickly as possible, and I’m always on the move… I’ve been using Communicator series phones since the time of Nokia 9110, 9210… until the E90. Now, an E7. I still don’t consider the E7 to be a communicator series phone, but it’s the closest thing to-date.

2. Ipod – I have a nano (red) to keep me going while on the road. It’s the old nano version and kinda beaten up, but it’s still rockin!

3. Sunglasses – just like my lenses do have filters, my eyes do haha (or I might be 5% vampire?).

4. Tripod – I bring this everyday. In and out of my car daily like stupid haha.

5. Extra Shirt – either if I get sweaty ssshhh or if I go to restaurants with the foodie smell that sticks to your shirt and skin (I despise it!).

Last but not the least,

well you guess it right…

6. Camera – Panasonic G3 + Panasonic 20mm 1.7 pancake lens (+ optional: Olympus 45mm 1.8) – did I say that I feel naked without one? I think so. LOL.


Panasonic G3 + Olympus 45mm 1.8

Panasonic G3 + Olympus 45mm 1.8

Photographer’s note: F/10, 1/30, ISO 400, Nikon D3, Nikkor AFS 60mm 2.8, SB-800, Pocketwizard Plus II, Foursquare

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