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Essential Companions for the Lens

What are my essential companions for the lens?

1. Rocket Blower – Giottos or Hurricane – this is the very first thing I do when cleaning the lens before even wiping the dusts off, this will blow away the dusts or particles that may inadvertently scratch the lens when wiped by a cleaning cloth. Whenever possible, I also blow the rear elements of the lens when changing lenses.

2. Micro fiber cloth – the ones that come from eyeglasses are my choices. Other cleaning cloths from mobile phones are also good.

3. Lens Pen – very useful when your lens get fogged or if there are nasty particles that stick into the lens.

4. Silica gel – funny? I bring it everyday in my bag. Since my Micro 4/3s camera and lens almost never gets to stay in the dry box because I bring them daily, a silica gel will keep the fungus away.

5. Trash bag – I have said this before, I bring a trash bag and tuck in inside in my camera bag. This is my rain protective cover for the very unpredictable weather here. I have one in almost all my camera bags, except on the belt bag where I put my everyday camera.


Nikkor AFS 200mm 2 VR

Nikkor AFS 200mm 2 VR

Photographer’s note: F/5.6, 1/125, ISO 2000, Nikon D800E, Nikkor AFS 60mm 2.8

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