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Colors of A

The pioneering photo club of Leyte and Samar, the Leysamfoto Club, Inc. partnered with Autism Society of the Philippines, Tacloban Chapter to the photo exhibit of “Colors of A Spectrum”. This will feature the children’s photographic work and will be on a public exhibit on January 24-27, 2012 at Robinson’s Mall, Tacloban City. This is to increase the awareness to the public about Autism and showcase the talents of these children.

The members of Leysamfoto Club, Inc. spent a one-on-one session with the kids at Balyuan Amphitheater grounds last Sunday, the 15th of January 2012. We were impressed by the potentials in photography that these kids have. It’s said that these kids possess good photographic memory and a keen eye on details – both qualities a good photographer must possess too. Surprisingly to most of us, as these were probably their first real engagement on an outdoor photography session, we were just stunned. Let some of these photos speak for themselves.

Photo by Russel


Photo by Nazarene


Photo by Bryan

As for us, the members of the Leysamfoto Club, Inc., we are proud on what the club has done on this endeavor. In our own small way, we hope that it made a difference to these children. It just made our day, seeing these kids happy and smiling when they click the shutter…

I cannot find better words to describe it, I’ll let my fellow colleagues speak…

“It was awesome and a great privelege to share in a small way the knowledge I have in photography, the feeling of joy and satisfaction to have bonded with them and it was priceless.” – Alfred Dalida, Leysamfoto Club, Inc.

“A heart-warming activity, and I hope there will be more similar endeavors that the club will spearhead. In our own small way, we are able to make not only the kids happy, but the parents too.” – Jayson Pascual, President, Leysamfoto Club, Inc.

For more info on the Leysamfoto Club, Inc., please contact at info@leysamfoto.com or at (63)(53)321-5738 (321-LSF8) and look for Beverly; or visit us at our clubhouse at 146-148 Senator Enage Street, (top floor of Everwell Drughouse), Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines.

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