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Monochrom Adventures 2

Monochrom Adventures 2 I shot this wide open at F/2, notice how the background blurs after the rocks… I used an orange colored filter to act as a neutral density to minimize the light coming in so that I am able to shoot wide openView full post »

More 16:9 Ratio Photos

I’d like to share more 16:9 ratio photos, mostly random shots… As I previously blogged, it can be refreshing twist to shoot on a different aspect ratio. I’m really digging the 16:9 ratio. It provides a good mix with theView full post »

16:9 ratio

I shoot about 99% of the time in 3:2 format. This holds true to whatever camera I am using, may it be a rangefinder, a DSLR or even on a Micro 4/3s which is optimized to the 4:3 ratio. I am very comfortable with the 3:2 ratio. Having saidView full post »

Featured Photo: My Ration

Featured Photo: My Ration Some photos really scream to be shot with black and white… or so they say. I like to be in command of the output of my photo, so whether it suits for black and white or color, I like to envision it ahead ofView full post »

Mantayupan Falls, Barili, Cebu

Mantayupan Falls, Barili, Cebu – this is a cropped photo from 42 photos stitched together to make a 49 megapixel file. I seldom do stitching, but I guess I didn’t really have a choice that time with only a 50mm lens on myView full post »

Featured Photo: Reflections of Macarthur

Featured Photo: Reflections of Macarthur Shot the reflection of the Macarthur monument in the paddle of water below him, and just flipped the photo. I hope you like it as much as I do. Nothing fancy, but some things just work, tryView full post »

Creative Lighting with Nikon Speedlights

The power of creative lighting with Nikon Speedlights like the SB-800 in tandem with Pocketwizard Flex wireless triggers is on the portability of the lights especially when on an outdoor location shoot. I wouldn’t want to cart alongView full post »

Beyond Rule of Thirds

Beyond Rule of Thirds Rule of thirds probably is one of the most used and important techniques in composition. Ironically it tends to become a cliché if used left and right without minding the other elements in a shot. Remember (a reminderView full post »

High Speed Sync

High speed sync is basically triggering your flashes at more than the FP (focal plane) sync limit. The usual FP sync limit like my Nikon is at 1/250 shutter speed.  One of the benefits of engaging high speed sync is one can achieve shallowView full post »

Profile Lighting

Profile lighting was one of the lighting techniques demonstrated during the Leysamfoto Creative Portraits workshop. Profile lighting is one of my personal favorite lighting setup – very simple lighting actually but can be tricky.View full post »

Landscape with a Telephoto

Sometimes, landscape with a telephoto lens can get the job done. We always equate wide angle lenses to landscape photography, while it is the more appropriate lens to use, sometimes a telephoto lens can be effective. It can create anView full post »


Shadows are just as important as light. Pay attention to where the shadow falls against the light and it can give some interesting effects. Pardon me for the shot below, it’s a cliché shot but I admit having used this a couple ofView full post »

Shooting Fireworks

Shooting fireworks have always been an enticing part of almost any photographer. Like me, I always look forward to shoot just virtually any kind of fireworks display, each time I go out and shoot, I always mentally prepare on how to shootView full post »

Controlling Light

Controlling light in flash photography means one has to understand the behaviour of light. Light has shape and form. We can manipulate these to our advantage. It’s not just putting multiple remote flashes around the subject and fireView full post »


HDR (high dynamic range) is a technique used by extending the dynamic range capabilities of the camera by combining several shots with different exposure values into one. Like shooting one shot with normal exposure, one underexposed andView full post »

Intentional Blur

Intentional blur sometimes creates an interesting effect. It connotes movement and action. It also sometimes can create an interesting abstract effect. Sharpness is important, but it’s a refreshing to break the rules at times. TheView full post »

Elements in Composition

Elements in Composition. It is almost always an instant dilemma for me whether to add more or less elements in my composition. Adding elements might create too much clutter or might put a dead-end on where the eyes of the viewer will rest.View full post »

Foot Zoom

Foot Zoom? That’s what I call when you zoom in and out with your feet rather than on the lens. A prime lens definitely makes me more aware of composition. Zoom lenses tend to make me a bit lazy – instead of finding the rightView full post »

Rendering Bokeh with Micro Four Thirds

Rendering Bokeh with Micro Four Thirds? Most probably, if you are/were looking for your first mirrorless camera, you might have considered this factor: the ability to render beautiful and creamy bokeh. Though there are many factors thatView full post »

Slow shutter speed

I’m still like a young boy when it comes to shooting in slow shutter speed. I’m still fascinated with those interesting effects like light trails. The Sangyaw Carnival at the Tacloban Astrodome was just screaming for me toView full post »

Circular Polarizer

A circular polarizer is one of the essential filters in any photographer’s bag. I admit I seldom use this, I don’t even bring this most of the times. It’s very effective to cut through reflections and saturate colors. IView full post »

Shooting Wildlife

Shooting wildlife? Heck, I’m no expert and not even just a teeny-weeny experienced in shooting wildlife. Someday I will try to explore wildlife photography, someday (wishful thinking!). But for the meantime, I have to settle shotsView full post »

Cropping with the Nikon D800E

Cropping the D800E… How far can it go? at 36 megapixel, it’s bordering the medium format resolution and it’s amazing how much you can crop. I only crop to straighten a photo or better the composition, but very seldom I doView full post »

Shooting in lowlight

The spontaneity of it all – that’s what ticks for me! I love shooting the streets and when you are on the streets, you don’t have much control on the light. As much as most of us likes to control the light, I don’tView full post »