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Binondo – The Chinatown of Manila

Binondo – The Chinatown of Manila. Once you make your left turn from Recto, you will suddenly be transformed to another world. The old authentic feel of a typical Chinatown is evident the moment you walk in. Old structures, fadedView full post »

Macro Adventures 7

Macro Adventures 7 Back to some adventures with my favorite macro lens – the Panasonic Leica 45mm 2.8, aka PL45! What I love with this is I can bring a dedicated macro lens especially when on travel, minus the weight and bulk of itsView full post »

Product Shots: Leica M Monochrom

Here are some product shots of the Leica M Monochrom rangefinder camera. These were all taken with Nikon SB800 and SB700 Speedlights triggered via Pocketwizard Flex. Shot in black background to get that classic feel, hope you like them asView full post »

Size Comparison between Micro 4/3s and DSLR

Here’a s quick size comparison between Micro 4/3s and DSLR. The photo below shows a Panasonic G3 and a Panasonic 12-35mm 2.8 (24-70 equivalent on full-frame) side-by-side with a Nikon D3 and a Nikkor AFS 24-70mm 2.8. Just imagine theView full post »

Think Tank Retrospective 5 Bag Review

My Think Tank Retrospective 5 Bag Review. Hey guys, I have been so busy lately with a lot of stuffs… but finally I have the time to write. I wanted to make a blog article about my search for the “perfect” everyday cameraView full post »

San Antonio de Padua Church in Sulangan, Samar

I got the opportunity to go back recently to hear mass at the San Antonio de Padua Church in Sulangan, Samar. I brought along my 2 Micro 4/3s camera – it is indeed unobtrusive compared to a DSLR – I actually got more keepersView full post »

The Magic of the 200mm

The Magic of the 200mm. I’ll just share one of my favorite portraits, no flash, no reflectors, just straight on taken by one of the best portrait lenses out there, if not the best! I just miss shooting with this lens.   Laura,View full post »

Fuji Colors

What about Fuji colors? You must have heard it somewhere by now (if not, you are probably too young for this haha, which is good btw). I have used a Fuji DSLR before and got in loved with the Fuji rendering of colors and especially on skinView full post »

Shooting with the Nikkor AFS 60mm 2.8

I’ll be sharing some quick thoughts about shooting with the Nikkor AFS 60mm 2.8… It is a specialized lens for closeup work and macro photography. My first macro lens was a 105mm, I like it when I had it but for me 60mm fits theView full post »

The world in Monochrom

I like to see the world in Monochrom, LOL! I have said this before that if there comes a new camera body that shoots exclusively in black and white, I’ll consider it. Since the Leica M Monochrom was launched a few months ago,View full post »

Is it in the Indian?

Is it in the Indian? And not his bow and arrow? A cliché. In the photographic world, this is often heard by some photographers who think that the photographers’ skills can solely bring home the keepers. A blanket statement like thisView full post »

Panasonic GX1

Well I’m here sharing my thoughts on the Panasonic GX1. Why just now? Yes it took me a while to get this. This was a natural path upgrade from the coveted Panasonic GF1, my first Micro 4/3s camera. My upgrade was halted a bit becauseView full post »

Did I survive with a 24mm lens?

Did I survive with a 24mm lens? After shooting for a couple of days with a 24mm… I found it was more of a blessing than something bad. At first thought, a 24mm would probably be one of the last choices for a one lens kit right? IView full post »

Essential Companions for the Lens

What are my essential companions for the lens? 1. Rocket Blower – Giottos or Hurricane – this is the very first thing I do when cleaning the lens before even wiping the dusts off, this will blow away the dusts or particles thatView full post »

Misadventure: Manila Floods

My misadventures continue… This time it was the Manila floods last August 2012. Am I blessed? Hahahaha. Yes, I think so. I was in Manila when the relentless rains were storming the metropolis. I was stranded, two times! First I wasView full post »

Misadventures with 24mm

My misadventures with 24mm. What could you do with only one focal length to shoot? To make matters worst, it’s a 24mm lens. The adventure started when I packed up all my things all ready to go, and to the least of my expectations IView full post »


HDR (high dynamic range) is a technique used by extending the dynamic range capabilities of the camera by combining several shots with different exposure values into one. Like shooting one shot with normal exposure, one underexposed andView full post »

Leica M9-P Hermes Limited Edition

How can an expensive camera be more expensive? Answer: Leica M9-P Hermes Limited Edition. This kit comes with a silver-anodized Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH lens. Only 300 pieces to be produced worldwide, suggested retail price atView full post »

Nikon D800E Moiré

“The term originates from moire (or moiré in its French form), a type of textile, traditionally of silk but now also of cotton or synthetic fiber, with a rippled or ‘watered’ appearance.” (Source: Wikipedia,View full post »

Pintados Kasadyaan Festival Portraits

I’ll share some Pintados Kasadyaan festival portraits. I used only 2 lenses for the entire Pintados and Sangyaw festival shoots. I think they were up to the job. I like to work with prime lenses, it makes you more careful ofView full post »

Every Lens for every job

Every lens for every job? Sounds so nikon Dave! Yuck. Well, over the years I have accumulated a very few array of lenses. That frustrated photographer sometimes gets me. But actually the real reason is I’m a part gadget freak, partView full post »

Welcome back 14-24?

Just welcoming back the 14-24? LOL. The best ultra wide angle lens? I guess so.   Fishermen in Tanauan Photographer’s note: F/5.6, 1/1000, ISO 200, Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 14-24mm 2.8 Feel free to interact with my blog articles,View full post »

Film or Digital?

One of the aging questions is – Film or Digital? I’m not here to go into the technical advantages and disadvantages of either, but I will just say my piece… There’s no absolute way to go, even if digital has maturedView full post »

Rendering Bokeh with Micro Four Thirds

Rendering Bokeh with Micro Four Thirds? Most probably, if you are/were looking for your first mirrorless camera, you might have considered this factor: the ability to render beautiful and creamy bokeh. Though there are many factors thatView full post »