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Canon or Nikon?

Canon or Nikon?

Photographer’s note: F/22, 21 sec, Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 14-24mm 2.8, Benro C-298 tripod


Up to this very day, I’m still plagued by this question… This is the question a lot of photography enthusiasts and hobbyists ask me every now and then – some of them I know personally, and a handful others I don’t. And when I say a lot, it really is…

Why do they ask? I can fully understand, I have been through that dilemma myself before. It’s almost no more looking back once you started on a certain brand because you have to build a system around it… the lenses, the flashes, batteries, accessories… all of these have to be compatible. And moreover is the cost of building the system. It’s an investment. And it’s not really easy to save up to build a system. I’ve been there myself.

And… this is also a common teasing topic on photo clubs and organizations and to even just photography buddies over a cup of coffee (replace “a cup of coffee” with “cases of beer”). Creating sort of a brand war, to which camera system is better is sometimes a fun way of spicing up the mood and is almost becoming a common folklore.

Well, to those circle of friends that know me, obviously they will know what I will proudly hail… huh?

Well I get this to you straight now… I’m an avid Nikon shooter since Day 1 (avid may be an understatement, do you agree?)

But when you ask me, here’s my answer:

“Canon or Nikon, either way.”

Both brands are very good choices. You can’t go wrong with either of the two when investing a DSLR system. As both of these companies have proven their commitment in producing world-class products and have a proven track record for many years. Both are being used by professionals and amateurs all over the world. And the following of these brands have already been a cult-like status in some cases.

If someone is so persistent for me to choose one? I will, of course recommend no other than – Nikon (Nikon website). The main reason is because I’ve been using this system for a long time now, and I can vouch for the performance, quality and reliability of the products. The images that it produces are top-notch. The so-called “Nikon colors” is something to be proud of.

However, that being said, if I had chosen Canon (Canon website) to be my system, I would have stuck with Canon, and be recommending this over the other brands. In fact, Canon has really some distinct advantages over to Nikon. While Nikon does too over Canon. So it’s actually a toss-up. Either way.


A couple more thoughts rambling in my mind…

1. Why not other brands? Okay, let me give you a straight answer, the other companies also have a good DSLR system, but here’s the catch – if you invest on a DSLR that has not much following in your locality, chances are you’ll have a hard time looking for friends that have same brand as yours. Well, this is true to where I live, it might not be same scenario in other places. So if you have fewer friends using same brand as yours, it means you have fewer people to talk to, to discuss and interact. It’s less fun. When your other friends are talking the Canon or Nikon dictionary of abbreviations and jargon, you’ll end up out of sync with the discussions, LOL! Moreover, it’s harder for you to seek for technical assistance if in case you encounter some problems, or maybe you just wanna simply ask for some help on getting around the menu of your camera, things like that. And last thing, it’s harder for you to try out other lenses and camera bodies simply because there are fewer people using that particular brand. The “buy and sell” in the used-market is also more challenging, let’s say you want to sell your kit lens because you want to move up to a pro-grade lens. It’s more challenging to do so, if you get what I mean. I’m not bashing the other brands, they are also good. I for one own another brand of camera.

2. What is the best camera? As we commonly read on the internet, the best one is the one you are holding. Yes, there is some truth to it. But I will spice it up a bit by saying: The best camera may not be the one that produces the most megapixels, the sharpest details, the cleanest ISO, the fastest fps… it’s the one you are holding, at home with and the one wherein you are the master of it, and not the other way around.” There’s no better camera in the world for you except if it’s the one that you are most comfortable with, the moment you grab it and click the shutter, the way it hugs around you, the controls that you are at home with, the charm, the looks, the aesthetics and most of all, the confidence – the confidence that it will take home the shot you’ve been looking for, the one that can output and interpret your inner vision – that’s it! Oh c’mon Dave, based on what you just said, is there one? hahahaha. Yeah there is one, so get moving and enjoy you shutterbug!

Feel free to interact with my blog articles, either by adding a comment below this article, or drop me an email. Thanks for reading! Keep clickin’ -Kindest, Dave

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  • ZL - I love reading your blog. Cool topic Canon or Nikon but I say 2 thumbs up for insight. From now on if someone will ask me about Canon/Nikon issue I will just give them http://www.xdayv.com 🙂ReplyCancel

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