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A revisit to Barangay Costa Brava, San Jose

A revisit to Barangay Costa Brava, San Jose… the living conditions in this barangay is still reminiscent of the effects of Typhoon Yolanda, as if the storm has just left a few weeks ago. Sad to say, the improvements in this place are minimal. And with the hot summer weather blanketing the “tent city”, the condition can be worse than before. I pity the people here, for more than 6 months now, they are still in almost the same situation as last December 2013. I’ve been coming back to this place to continue documenting the life here. Just a few days ago, my interviews with the local residents of Barangay Costa Brava have indicated that almost no relief is coming to them anymore and the supposed relocation is still far from reality. I hope there will be more improvements to come and the faster it gets to them, the better. Hope springs eternal.

L1008406_042014 L1008407_042014 L1008409_042014 L1008417_042014 L1008416_042014 L1008418_042014 L1008419_042014 L1008430_042014 L1008438_042014 L1008447_042014 L1008465_042014 L1008469_042014 L1008470_042014 L1008472_042014 L1008475_042014 L1008462_042014 L1008463_042014 L1008461_042014 L1008456_042014 L1008428_042014 L1008477_042014


Photographer’s note: Leica M Monochrom, Leica Summilux-M 50mm 1.4 ASPH

  • Trish - Powerful photos as usual, sir! God bless them. May these children grow with His healing power. I commend their resiliency and strength!ReplyCancel

  • xdayv - Trish, thanks for dropping by. And amen to what you said.ReplyCancel

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